Woodward's Disposal

2009 custom site.

A new site was built in May 2019 by me as well as the previous custom website for Robb Woodward of Woodward's in Hastings Nebraska in 2009. The new has a modern/today feel while the 2009 site had a somewhat retro vibe that blended in the years of the business to today. The above video was also shot and edited by stevemckinnis.com.

I'd created an original coded PHP/HTML site in October, 2013 and a new site in WordPress in March 2019 and have continued to donate my time to assisting BASD whenever they ask.

Being Alive San Diego was founded in 1989 by HIV+ individuals who volunteered their time and talents to fill the need for support and empowerment in the HIV/AIDS affected community.

Being Alive 3940 4th Ave,

San Diego, CA 92103

(619) 291.1400

Noel Cruz of ncruz.com

Noel Cruz is one of the most versatile & distinguished repaint artists in the doll community. He is most recognized for his character & celebrity based dolls due to their uncanny resemblance to the people they portray. His dolls are derived from several models like Gene, Tyler, Sydney, etc, by various doll-makers such as Robert Tonner & Franklin Mint. His repaints as well as his portraits are done with intricate detail to the point of being naturally lifelike in essence. Highly regarded among collectors and artists alike, Noel attempts to raise the bar and bring a fresh take to the common mass produced doll with every face he paints. Noel's specialty is with one of a kind repaints. The beauty of repaints is that almost no two are exactly alike just as no two artists are alike.

Some Noel Cruz Press: featured in 1sixth.co Winter Magazine 2019 and Farrah Fawcett commemorative Issue - available on iTunes and Apple Books.

I built and created a custom site for Noel in 2012. I have maintained, updated and also keep up Noel's social media on Twitter, Flickr, Blogger, Tumblr, Google and also keep up his database of registrants for auctions and send out media blasts on his behalf.

Connie Stewart is an intuitive healer who practices in San Diego. An accomplished author and public speaker Connie brings a lot to the table. Her original site was a custom site and I've been working with Connie since 2006 and her latest is a WordPress Site created in March of 2019.

MyFarrah.com averages 5,000 visitors a week from all over the world and although Fawcett passed away in 2009 the site and her popularity continue to grow. This site embodies the utilization of revamped and new graphics as well as videos/clips and edits by myself and is a great example of what a celebrity site could be utilizing everything possible today.


1Sixth.co & 1Sixthworld.com

A Collectors site for all things of a smaller scale.


Welcome to the world of collecting. This is a "safe space" where there is no judgement or preconceived ideology about who should and shouldn't collect dolls, action figures, dioramas or other art of the one sixth, one fourth or other dimension of collectible. The main focus here is primarily one sixth but collections grow and sometimes there are some other scales of art just as fun to promote, write about or discuss.

Check out the Winter 2019 Issue on YouTube and 1Sixth Winter Issue: Life Scaled Down. This magazine features OOAK Artists and Doll Companies. Featured in this issue: Dominion Doll, Noel Cruz, Regent Miniatures, Fashion OOAK Designer Ryan Liang of SHANTOMMO, fashions by ELEN PRIV, Antonio Realli, and other OOAK Artists Chan Sama of Plastic Guy/CGdoll, Pure Icon, Eggie & Deb and more!

Order from Blurb: Elizabeth Taylor Cover http://www.blurb.com/b/9282662-1sixth Farrah Fawcett Commemorative Cover with Fawcett Inside page: http://www.blurb.com/b/9284044-1sixth…

The latest issue these are now on iTunes and Apple books at: https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/id14… Visit http://www.1sixth.co

Branding, Logo, site & photos along with temporary site for Christmas Presentation of "Christmas at Mel's Diner." See more of MIM here.

Our mission at Runcie's Catering is to not only create a taste sensation that your guests, family or friends will be talking about long after the meal or event has passed but to make your event, celebration (large or small) go by with ease without the distraction or concern about what's going on behind the scenes to service your company, business partners or relatives from enjoying you and your time. We look forward to working with you on your event. You can e-mail: Doug@RunciesCatering.com to set up an initial consultation as well as tell us when you'd like to schedule an event.

"On May 16, 1846, the Last Will of my fourth great grandfather John Sutton was admitted to record for probate by Judge William F. Crabtree in Duval County Florida. The will emancipated my fourth great grandmother Lucy Sutton and their eight children and six grandchildren." - Terry Franklin.

This is a custom site was built for a doctor who also designs fashions to relax.

This is a custom site was built for actor Jorge Luis Abreu.  Jorge got his start in television as one of FOX network's regulars in the short-lived but very funny series, House of Buggin'. His Film credits include Oceans Thirteen, In Hell, The Pest and Jury Duty. Abreu has appeared on Zoey 101, Monk, ER, Ally McBeal, Judging Amy, Hannah Montana and Friends. Jorge lives in Los Angeles, CA.

Interested in seeing some work samples? Click 1.