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Drawings/Freehand-some are incorporated into computer work for logos or other promotions.


Logos - some incorporated Logo Designs (like BIIA, NAG, Tech3, Runcie's Catering & 1Sixth) in Layouts.

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Site Screen Shots - Some sites no longer active

(some are though)

Here are a variety of screen shots, some on the phone shots as well, of sites that I built some of which are no longer online as well as some screens with the full site laid out.


Deer Valley Guest Ranch

Nathrop, Colorado, USA

Deer Valley Ranch is a place specifically designed for families. Our goal is to reignite the family around adventure and time together. Whether it is taking one of our specialized horseback riding trips, fishing the Arkansas River with your father, or spending time with your loved ones around our dining room table, our goal is simple: to make family time exceptional. Plan your stay with us today and experience the opportunity of redefining family time at Deer Valley Ranch.


Stuhr Museum

Grand Island, Nebraska USA

The mission of the Stuhr Museum of the Prairie Pioneer is to preserve and portray the inspiring era of the pioneer town builders who created the first communities in Nebraska.

1950 CHEVY 3/4 ton truck

Classic Restore


This 1950 Chevy was rebuilt by Don  Sheltron (feel free to email him at or you can call him at 402-469-8963) over the course of 16 years. The day after I bought it from a farmer in Blue Hill (2001) I drove it over to Don's and he rebuilt it.  All the photos of it now and in the process of being rebuilt are on the ad link above.

You can see a complete walk around and driving on YouTube at

You can listen to Don explain how to start it up when I got it back after it was completely done at

Hastings College

Hastings, Nebraska USA

The Hastings College Mission

Hard work.  Community.  Immediate place and distant horizons.

Drawing inspiration from our Great Plains home, our Presbyterian heritage and our Liberal Arts history, Hastings College will graduate creative, curious and caring students equipped through exceptional teaching and deliberate mentoring to thrive as citizens of their local and global communities.